Heirloom Tomatoes are back!

Peards Nursery, Sept. 28, 2014


Heirloom Tomatoes (old fashioned varieties) are making a come back in popularity, so the team at Peards Nursery Albury have been busy trying to source many of the old favourite Tomato varieties that have become difficult to find over the past few years.


With 40+ Tomato varieties in stock, here are a few varieties worthy of special mention that we have managed to stock this year-



The ‘Black Krim’


This heavy producer of very consistent Tomatoes has been a part of the Australian backyard since the end of WWI.


The ‘Black Krim’ variety is originally from the Isle of Krim in the Ukraine.


The ‘Black Krim’ is a flattened, dark red-purple fruit with delicate skin and green shoulders.  It can reach a height of 1.8m metres but most plants will grow to around 1.2m tall.  It best grown on steel mesh instead of stakes to keep the very heavy fruit off the ground. 


The fruits of this variety have a rich tomato taste and are excellent for grilling topped with cheese, slicing and adding to sandwiches, adding to stews and casseroles or making pastes and sauces.



The ‘Tigerella’


The Tigerella’ is an English heirloom variety that is highly productive and extremely attractive.  It can grow up to two meters tall and has medium to small sized fruit, with spectacular striping, and very sweet old-fashioned flavour.


Tigerella Tomatoes makes a stunning addition to salads or tossed with garlic, parmesan and parsley into pasta. With its rich flavour, it also partners well with herbs like, oregano, marjoram, rosemary and thyme. 


The Tigerella is not only a good tomato for eating, it is also fun to watch it mature. Starting off just green like any other Tomato, as the days get longer and warmer the transformation begins. Early in the season they are yellow-green with green stripes. As they mature the magic begins, they turn red with yellow-orange stripes - hence their name. If you have children you would like to introduce to vegetable gardening, this would be an ideal tomato to grow in a children’s garden.



The ‘Bragger’


Extremely popular in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, the Bragger is an old-time heirloom Tomato that is now sometimes hard to find, but is worth the effort. It produces nice large globe shaped, great tasting tomatoes, and the plants are very disease resistant.


They are normally fairly low maintenance and quite easy to grow, as long as a level of basic care is provided throughout the year.  They typically grow as an annual and are known for growing to a height of approximately 2 metres. Since the Tomatoes are heavy, you will need to stake or cage this plant for support.


Due to its larger size the Bragger Tomato is good for slicing for on sandwiches, or as a tasty addition to any number of food dishes.



If you are interested in these or the many other varieties of Tomatoes available, visit us at Peards Nursery Albury and chat with one of our gardening experts.





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